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Best Wort Chillers

NY Brew Supply W3825-CV...
  • Made in USA
  • Drops your worth temperature quickly.
  • Vinyl outlet hose: 5' Long.
  • Made of Copper. Overall length: 25'.
  • Copper Coil diameter: 3/8".
Northern Brewer - Silver...
  • A simple tweak, adding barbed fittings and a drop-angle to our favorite immersion chiller, spawns a new best-in-class product. Introducing Silver Serpent, the most sanitary immersion chiller on the market.
  • No need to sanitize. Simply drop your clean chiller into the kettle a few minutes before the end of the boil and it will be ready to go.
  • Brew with peace of mind like never before. Drop-angle connections provide insurance against contamination. Surprise leaks stay outside your kettle and away from cooling wort.
  • Standard garden hose connection allows for brewing outside or connects to a laundry sink faucet as your chilling water source.
  • Comes fully assembled with tubing, barbed fittings, and hose clamps.
JockeyBox.com WC-25SS38 25...
  • Cool your worth quickly and efficiently with this Serpent style immersion worth Chiller.
  • Includes 25' Stainless steel coil, fittings, Tubing, and hose adapter.
  • Food grade Silver 304SS is easier to clean and less corrosive than a copper worth Chiller.
  • Premium no-leak fittings guard your worth against contamination.
  • No hassle. This kit contains everything for your DIY home brew needs.
Coldbreak 50' Wort Chiller,...
  • Premium 50-foot chiller made with 3/8-inch OD USA copper tubing
  • 2x4-foot lengths of 3/8-inch vinyl tubing
  • Strong stainless steel hose clamps. Hose clamps need to be checked for leaks before each use. Tightening the hose clamps while the vinyl tubing is warm will create a tight, leak free seal.
  • Heavy-duty lead free female garden hose fitting (USA made)
  • 9. 25-Inch coil diameter 13. 5-Inch inlet/outlet height
NY Brew Supply Deluxe...
  • 25' of 1/2" Copper Tubing
  • 14" Overall Length
  • 7" Coil Height
  • 13" Coil Diameter
  • Garden Hose Fittings
HomeBrewStuff 25' Copper...
  • Copper is the material of choice for chillers. Copper has up to 28 times the thermal conductivity of stainless steel
  • 9-1/4" round diameter x 17" tall overall height x 3/8" OD Copper
  • Braised on garden hose fittings - female Swivel on inlet and male on outlet
  • Perfect for 5 gallon batch sizes
  • Reduces the chance of infection and exposure to the environment. Improves the clarity of your beer and helps separate cold break, reduces volatile compounds that cause DMS and other off flavors
Copper Coil Immersion Chiller...
  • Soldered fittings
  • Will not leak
  • Compression fittings found on other styles of immersion coils tend to expand and contract with the drastic temperature fluctuations


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