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Best Wine Savers

OXO SteeL Wine Stopper and...
  • Dual function: seals for short-term storage and opens for drip-free pouring
  • Fits all cork-topped wine bottles
  • Soft, comfortable lever
  • Allows for even, consistent wine flow
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
YINUO HJSL0001 Diamond Crystal...
  • Made of high quality crystal ball and zinc alloy
  • Comes in an delicate gift box, making it a classy favor
  • 105mm/4.13 inch tall with crystal ball on the top
  • Keep your fresh wine in short term also decorate the bottle
  • Makes a nice decoration to wine gift baskets for special events
Cilio 18/10 Stainless Steel...
  • Stainless steel champagne sealer; 100% leakproof
  • Creates an airtight seal even with the bottle lying down; allows for horizontal storage of champagne bottles in the fridge
  • Pull down over the bottle opening to seal; to release, push the button and lift off
  • Made of brushed stainless steel shell
  • Inner diameter of 1.38" fits most bottles; dishwasher safe
Premium Wine Pump Preserver...
  • Vacuum pump makes an air vacuum which saves the wine, protects from bacterial and oxidation processes and saving the wine with natural fresh smell and taste up to 14-15 days after the bottle was opened.
  • This unique Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is produced from stainless steel quality material and plastic which comes with 4 reusable bottle stoppers
  • Amazing pump is pretty small in size, it's good for traveling and present as a gift, it can be used for: different events, wine tastings, festivals, wine bars, restaurants, houses e.t.c.
  • Wine Air Pump is a hand operating pump. First, cap an opened bottle with one of the stoppers; Second, place the pump over the stopper; Third, pump the air out until you feel the resistance, it's done!
  • In the package you should receive "Thank You Card" with operating instructions and Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with 4 reusable wine stoppers. Also, you can buy extra 14 reusable Wine Stoppers for this Wine Vacuum Pump. AKSESROYAL provides 24-month warranty and great customer service. If you want to keep your wine FRESH, go head and click the buy button "Add to Cart"!
A di Alessi Anna Stop 2 Bottle...
  • Renowned for applying new, fun designs to everyday household items, Alessi has done it again with this wine stopper
  • Crafted from chrome-plated zamak and polyamide; available in a choice of fun colors
  • Part of designer Alessandro Mendini's Anna series; makes a perfect gift for newlyweds and new homeowners
  • Measures 2 inches high and is easy to spot in any drawer; hand wash only
  • Peruse the full stock of A di Alessi household items to find fun, like-minded pieces for the home
OXO SteeL Vacuum Wine Saver...
  • Keeps wine fresh longer than cork alone
  • Pump extracts air from bottle to preserve wine's flavor
  • Easy-to-hold, contoured neck prevents pinching while pumping
  • Push tab on Stopper to release vacuum seal for easy removal
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grips
Avina Wine Stoppers Reusable...
  • ✔ END YOUR FRUSTRATIONS - Forget operating a difficult to use vacuum pump after a relaxing glass of wine. Simply push&lock to recork and safely store your opened wine bottles. Our wine caps seal your bottles and take the headache out of keeping wine fresh.
  • ✔ NO MORE THINKING TWICE BEFORE OPENING A BOTTLE - Feel like having a well deserved glass of fresh grape juice after a long day? Now you can without feeling obligated to finish the bottle (Did you really though?). Preserve and prolong the taste of your wine with our easy to use bottle stoppers and enjoy wine at your own pace.
  • ✔ YOUR FRIDGE IS EXTRA SAFE - Tired of mopping up spilled wine in the morning? Safely store your bottles sideways without a second thought with our reliable wine seal. Simply pop it in, push the lever, and store it however you see fit.
  • ✔ THE IDEAL GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS - Combining stainless steel, plastic, and a rubber/silicone finish, our wine and beverage sealers provide an amazing wine gift opportunity for anyone that loves wine accessories. Show your loved ones you care by giving a gift that will last a lifetime.
  • ✔ FEEL SECURE WITH YOUR PURCHASE - When you order today, you are protected by our complimentary, lifetime 'You Break It, We Replace It' guarantee. No questions asked. We are a family-run business and all of our unique customers receive 100% of our attention and care. Press Add to Cart with confidence!
Savino Wine Preserver, Keeps...
  • 🍷Best wine Saver ever- Savino preserves and keeps your wine fresh for up to a week so you can enjoy Tuesday's wine on Saturday. Suitable for both red wine and white wine, Savino creates a physical barrier between the wine and the air, so your wine Stays fresh Glass after Glass.
  • 🍷Made in the USA for all wine lovers - the Savino wine carafe is made from durable, high-quality Glass, food-grade, and BPA-free plastic to keep your non-sparkling wines tasting great. The air stopper provides a seal to keep your wine fresh all the time. Its slim design is the perfect Height to store your white wine in the refrigerator so you can continue to enjoy your wine days after opening your favorite bottle.
  • 🍷Fresh WINE + a - If you don’t absolutely love your Savino wine preservation system, We will offer you a refund within 30 days of your purchase.
  • 🍷Elegant decanter and Preserver in one- it’s the ultimate wine Saver decanter. Our sleek and elegant design offers both visual appeal and function. Simply pour your wine into the beautiful Glass decanter (up to 750ml), insert the air stopper, and replace the lid to save your wine. The Savino also makes a great gift for wine lovers!
  • 🍷We make it easy on you - Imagine not having to pump the air out of a bottle, nor purchase gas to spray into a bottle every time you want a Glass of wine. Savino is efficient and effortless to use. If you can pour wine, you can use Savino. It's dishwasher safe so clean up is easy. Designed to fit your Lifestyle.
Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump with...
  • Remove air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week!
  • Contains 1 Black Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and 2 Grey Vacuum Bottle Stoppers.
  • Suitable for all Red and White Wines.
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Just insert the universal wine stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear the patented "Click". The "Click" signals an air tight seal!


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