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Best Wax Irons

TOKO T8 Wax Iron
  • Toko T8 iron is a great iron
  • Proven performance and durability for the price
  • Precise temperature adjustment and hold with the thermostat
  • Pressure cast aluminum base plate retains heat storage
  • Ergo handle to disperse pressure evenly
Swix North Forged Waxing Iron...
  • A proven great iron for the money sleek and easy to use
  • Fully adjustable temperature dial allows you to efficiently melt all waxes
  • Get rid of your moms clothing iron and get a real wax iron
  • Perfect for skis and snowboards alike
  • The North collection by Swix gives you quality product at a great price and gives you a better day on the snow
RaceWax Complete Ski Snowboard...
  • RaceWax Complete Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit. Perfect kit for families or those needing to tune many skis/boards! The edge tool is the last tool you will ever need - it does every angle for both base and side - 20 different angles! You can even use this edge tool to determine the angles if you don't know them! The kit includes a 70 mm diamond stone for fine honing of the edge without metal removal.
  • Temperature adjustable 1000W RaceWax wax iron with a double-thick baseplate dimpled and grooved for excellent wax distribution. Temperature range of 80-170 C (176-338 F). 120 volts and 1000 watts, 60 Hz. North American model with standard plug. Two Large Brake Retainers
  • Base-Side Bevel File Guide SKS Multi Tool. Set a precise angle from 0 to 5 deg in 0.5 increments.; Two-sided metal cutting file included; Brass file brush; Gumi Stone, for removing rust, prepping/deburring/detuning edges; Blue Diamond Stone for routine edge maintenance and sharpening (360 grit); Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve; 1 Clear and 1 Black P-Tex
  • Two 60 g bars Swix Wax - 1 Red/Warm mid-range temp - 1 Blue/Cold temp; Two Wax Scrapers (1 ski, 1 board) with a corner notch for edge cleaning. Complete 3-Brush Kit: Brass brush for renewing base structure and brushing hard waxes; Nylon brush, the workhorse of wax removal; Soft, fine Horsehair brush for polishing your base! Handy zippered storage case included. Each brush measures 3 in x 4.5 in.;
  • Large Cordura tool bag: Internal strap to secure wax iron; two internal open-access tool pockets and zippered mesh pocket; external quick access pocket; two carry straps with a velcro clasp handle. Roomy enough to add more items!
WSD Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron...
  • Ski and snowboard wax iron ski tune up waxing iron wad new with bonus 50 gram wax
  • Brand new in retail box
  • 1.2 cm thick solid soleplate retains heat longer for higher efficiency
  • Always keep the iron moving from tip to tail in order not to burn the base
  • Full range temperature dial adjustment 60° to 180° c (140° to 356° f) include wax 50 gram base graphite wax
WSD Ski and Snowboard Wax Iron...
  • Ski and snowboard wax iron ski tune up waxing iron wad new with bonus 50 gram wax
  • Brand new in retail box
  • 1.2 cm thick solid soleplate retains heat longer for higher efficiency
  • Always keep the iron moving from tip to tail in order not to burn the base
  • Full range temperature dial adjustment 60° to 180° c (140° to 356° f) include wax 50 gram base graphite wax
XCMAN Ski Snowboard World Cup...
  • THe XCMAN World Cup digital wax iron with Thick 15mm Non-stick dimpled base plate with chamfered edges easily glides along base when melting wax.110V/800 Watts of power and a thick plate ensure quick and constant heat.Soleplate dimensions:160 x 95 x 15mm,and the soleplatge built-in a "N"sharpe heater make sure the soleplate has be heated evenly.
  • It has a Highly accurate thermostat provide exact temperature control perfect for applying wax to skis and snowboard ,nordic ski.Heats up quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 80 Degrees to 180 Degrees C,1 degress incremnets.
  • It features a digital readout to continually display its current operating temperature.For example your wax melting temperature is 150 degree,you keep clockwise rotation the temperature knob until the LED show the 150,then the soleplate Start heating,and stop heating until the temperature reach to 150 degree ,Then your melting your wax on ski or snowboard.Extremely temperature durable,and optimum waxing temperature ensure safety waxing no make smoke,and prevent burning your ski and snowbaord.
  • It 110V 800W powerful for melting any kind of wax,and high temperature wax powder.2.4 meter power cord enough lenght for movement from Tip-to-Tail of your ski.North American model with standard plug.ETL certificate.
  • The accessories With a iron mat.There is a high temperature resistance rubber mat for placing wax iron horizontally on the it.Put the hot wax iron down on the mat, so you don't spoil the table or something.And also to prevent your wax run all over the everywhere.
Wintersteiger Ski/Snowboard...
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Great for melting even the hardest waxes wit out smoking the soft ones.
  • Small enough for travel, big enough to get the job done!
  • Smooth Metal Face
  • Lightweight and Durable
Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit...
  • Demon's Basic Complete Tune Kit that will get you everything needed for a Basic tune up on your ski and snowboard. Perfect for that ski vacation or right in your own garage.
  • The Iron is High quality and Custom built for efficiency. This Wax Iron is perfect for Skis and Snowboards. The Iron has an easy turn dial temp gauge, can be switched from 110 or 220 and a lifetime warranty.
  • The Demon Basic Complete Tune Kit Includes: Edge tuner Tuning stone Lighting Universal Wax Wax scraper Flat file Wire brush Mini wax iron Polish pad Ptex Metal scraper Includes instructions Carry case
Winterial Snowboard and Ski...
  • COMPREHENSIVE KIT: Includes a multi-angle tuner, all-temperature wax, wax iron, and snowboard tuning essentials to keep your snow gear in top condition.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT. All tools are packed in a compact, light carry bag for the ultimate traveling convenience!
  • MULTI-ANGLE TUNER. Equipped with an Edge Tuner calibrated for 87, 88, 89 and 90 degrees for superior sharpening precision.
  • VERSATILE WAX IRON. The kit includes a top-grade wax iron with adjustable settings between 100-400 degrees fahrenheit and extensive power cord. The iron wax can be used to prime snowboards and skis.
  • USER-FRIENDLY. Both novice and veteran users can use the tuning kit with ease. It comes with a manual with clear, easy-to-understand instructions.
Demon Hyper Speed Ski &...
  • Demon Hyper Speed Ski & Snowboard Tune Kit with Iron, 1lb Wax Block & Base Cleaner
  • Iron Spec: Temperature adjustable Demon Wax Iron with dual voltage option and a LIFETIME WARRANTY covered by Demon! Easy numbered temperature dial adjusts from 65 C / 149 F and rises to 230 C / 445F.
  • Tools included: Edge Tuner for 88 / 90 degree side edge angles (includes shavings brush), a metal scrapper and edge file for ultimate tuning options and for P-tex repairs, a Brass file brush, a 10 mm Brass Brush that is used for renewing base structure and opening pores during prep before you wax, a 10 mm Nylon Brush that is stiff and perfect for removing the bulk of wax during the tuning process, a fine horsehair 8 mm brush for removing wax from your skis or snowboard base structure.
  • Wax Spec- 1.06 Lbs (good for 30-40 waxings) High Quality Demon Hyper Wax Big Block- Universal Blend for Any Temp wax. This kit also includes our Citrus Base Cleaner to clean your ski and snowboards bases during prep. Our waxes are blended, scented and made with our proprietary blends in Southern California. Also includes 1 Clear P-Tex, 1 Black P-Tex, Two Ski Brake Retainers, Tuning stone, Wax scrapper with edge notch, Polish pad and Tune instruction guide.
  • Bag Spec: Internal strap to secure wax iron, three internal open-access tool pockets, zippered mesh pocket, elastic pocket, and zipped mesh pouch. Heavy duty carry strap and easy wipe off material make is easy to keep your kit clean!



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