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Best Sheet Metal Brakes

Baileigh SBR-1220 3-in-1...
  • Manually operated
  • Shear, brake and slip roll combo
  • 20 Gauge sheet metal capacity
  • It has a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees
  • 12-inches bed width
Tapco Windy Special Siding...
  • Locking system design provides more clamping power with less effort
  • Locks on a wider variety of material thicknesses with no need for adjustments
  • Stainless steel bending edge. Accurate built-in depth gauges
  • Capable of 130 degree overbends
  • Throat Depth: 14”. Mouth opening: 3/4”. Number of C Castings: 5. Weight: 104 lbs.
KAKA Industrial PBB-4012,...
  • Lift gate service will have extra charges and can be requested for you at a discounted rate, please send us a message stating you need the service. A valid phone number is REQUIRED. The carrier will contact you one day before the delivery, please provide a valid phone number.
  • GREAT VERSATILITY. The PBB-4012 foot clamp equips with wide assortment of fingers allowing greater versatility while in operating. Blade gaps adjustment can be done by easily holding knobs
  • HIGH PRECISION. The sheet metal foot clamp has a high cutting capacity which will up to 12 mild steel combining with the easy operating process, which will achieve the high precise cutting goals
  • GREAT DURABILITY. The pan and box foot clamp is designed with heavy truss rods and braces ensuring the greater strength and durability and the welded steel plate covers all body sections make sure the foot clamp can be used in a demanding condition for years
  • PAIN-FREE EASY OPERATION. The sheet metal brake foot clamp is manufactured to clamp the sheet metal with a convenient foot control. It is easy to make repeatable bends by the stop ring. Foot control sheet metal clamping device will free your back and arms while in operating
KAKA Industrial W-3616Z...
  • HIGH CAPACITY AND VERSATILITY. KAKAIND 36In pan and box can bends mild steels up to 16 gauge thick, 36-inches wide with angle 0-135 degrees. It is an ideal tool if you need to increase the strength of sheet metal plates with bends, or you intend on fabricating more complicated brackets, gussets, boxes, or fixtures. You can save more time on working and enjoy more family time
  • HEAVY AND QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. KAKAIND 36-inch sheet metal brake pan and box is designed to be utilized after many years heavy use. It has a solid cast iron body to support the projects to be done easily. One can save few hundred dollars from a long term perspective
  • ADJUSTABLE FINGERS. With removable and adjustable fingers, the KAKA hand brake can be installed in a variety of positions to accommodate varying widths of metal. Quick indexing of one or many fingers makes this the perfect machine for multiple applications. Achieve extremely sharp bends and easily adjust the fingers closer or farther from the point of bend.
  • HEAVY DUTY HOLD DOWN CLAMP LEVER. Bending sheet metal become a easy job with KAKA pan and box brake. The heavy duty hold down clamp lever allows for clamping and unclamping the sheet metal through the cam mechanism. This machine can do any professional bending work.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT AND HIGH PRECISION. With removable and adjustable fingers, this sheet metal pan and box can be installed in a variety of positions to accommodate varying widths of metal. Quick indexing of one or many fingers makes this the perfect machine for multiple applications. It is easy to adjust needed size to ensure accuracy. It is a money saver since you will use fewer raw materials to finish your project
Baileigh 48-Inch Magnetic...
  • 220 V SINGLE-PHASE MOTOR: Will work at virtually any site.
  • SCALED STROKE ANGLE CONTROL: Lets you deliver repeatable bends time after time.
  • 48-INCH BENDING LENGTH: With a maximum capacity of 16-gauge mild steel.
  • BLADE GAP ADJUSTMENT ON THE CLAMPING BARS: Lets you work with sheet metal of different thicknesses.
  • 6-TON MAGNETIC POWER: Consistent across the entire beam, allowing for crisp bends even in the middle of the brake.
KAKA BDS-8,8 Inches Sheet...
  • segment fingers total 8 inches
  • Strong magnetic vise mounted
  • Easy tools for sheet metal bending
  • Package dimensions: 4.1" x 6.5" x 2.2"
  • Segment fingers removable for bending small boxes
Erie Tools 4" Hand Operated...
  • The form bender is a useful tool for press bending ornamental iron, mild steel, aluminum, and other m
  • Bending Capacity: 2.5 tons
  • Maximum pressing movement: 2 1/2"
  • Can create 90 degree bends by simply turning a hand lever until the desired angle is accomplished
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction
Kaka W1.2x460 18-Inch Mini...
  • Cutting capacity is 18-Inch cutting width with 18 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum
  • Pre-drilled touting holes make the bending process easily
  • Bending angle can up to 90 degree
  • Solid construction will stand for many year of heavy use
  • Effortless bending can be achieved through adjusting two lengthen handles with knob
30" Steel Bending Brake Sheet...
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Makes up to 90 Degree Bends
  • Mounts to Bench
  • Bends to 17 Gauge Mild Steel
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