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Best Putting Mats

JEF World Of Golf Hazard...
  • Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat with cup, non-directional turf, bunker, and water hazard
  • Inclined ramp develops true firmness of stroke
  • Unique ball return channel automatically returns the ball every time
  • Regulation sized cup and non-directional turf provides the most accurate practice surface outside of a green
  • Bunker and water hazard help increase putting accuracy
StarPro 6ft x 12ft 5-Hole...
  • 1,000's of Long Challenging Putts From All Over The Green. Play Hole to Hole With Our 9 Hole Terminate Play Pattern (Flag Decal Included)
  • Pro-Am Turf Rolls True w/Feel & Speed of Country Club Bent Grass. No Ramps, Folds, Sponge, or Unnatural Platforms.
  • Starball-A Center Focus Target Stops the Golf Ball and Shows Right or Left of Dead Center on Every Single Putt. You Can Also Create Breaks. (See Product Description)
  • One foot border of realistic longer turf is available from StarPro Greens.
  • Superior Turf, Multiple Targets and Unrestricted Access Delivers Putting Practice that is as Real as it Gets.
Callaway Golf Executive...
  • Premium foam backing to minimize creases for truer roll
  • Includes a moveable putting cup that's 1/4 inch smaller than regulation cup to help sharpen aim
  • For the serious golfer who wants to improve their putting skills
  • Looks great in any office or den
  • Size: 8' x 2'
77tech Large Artificial Grass...
  • High quality Golf putting Green surface designed to stay smooth.
  • The premium back will eliminate folds and creases in the putting green surface. This putting mat is ideal for indoor and outdoor residential or office use.
  • Easy to clean,Can Be Normally Used For 5-8 Years With Good Care.
  • EVA high elastic back of the plastic, short grass greens 1cm / border 3cm long grass, 8mm thickness rubber foam base
  • Size:2.5ftx10ft (0.75mx3m)with 1 set of Golf Hole Cups&Flags
PROADVANCED ProInfinity...
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS - The Brand-New Metal Golf Goal and Slope Simulators bring 3X value and experience. You can create your Own and Unique Green in INFINITY Ways! ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS - Choose from 4 Stimp tested speeds ranging from 8-12.5 on one indoor putting green!
  • VISIBLE BALL TRACES - Analyze and Correct Your Putt with Visible Ball Traces. Perfect Your Alignment and Acceleration with Stroke Guide Line.! PROFESSIONAL TRAINING - Perfect Your Distance and Direction Control with 25 Training Bands. By following the 20 pages guide book written by our professional golf coach, you can quickly improve your putting skills to master level.
  • COMPETITIVE & FUN - The most cost-effective solution for family and company indoor/outdoor party or team building event. It can easily boost the party atmosphere and get everyone engaged!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - ProInfinity Putting Green is made with Top Level Polyester Material and 100% Eco-friendly(Totally safe for kids and pets). The durable backing material that guarantees the mat unrolls flat and rolls up smooth all the time with long-lasting durability.
  • UNCOMPARABLE PRICE & ENHANCED SERVICE - With so many newly added features and accessories, we still keep the same price for our customers. We are also improving our customer service to guarantee your 100% satisfaction.
SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor...
  • 9 foot indoor putting green with continuous automatic ball return for developing accuracy and control
  • Squaring and alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet help promote consistency in every aspect of putting motion
  • Continuous automatic ball return allows for uninterrupted training
  • True-roll surface and upslope at the cup emulate putts found on actual greens Measures 9 feet x 16.25 inches; great for use at home or office
  • Sport Type: Golf
SHAUN WEBB Signature Putting...
  • MASTER YOUR SPEED AND DISTANCE CONTROL. If you're looking to improve your putting, our indoor putting green is all about helping you improve your stance, tempo, back swing, and follow through. Perfect for the serious players to practice grooving a solid stroke. Great for golf enthusiasts to have around the house to provide hours of entertainment.
  • NATURAL ELEVATION, BALL ROLLS TRUE. The surface of this mat has been designed so it feels like the closest thing to practicing in real green, and unlike traditional putting mats that only have one hole, ours has 3 deep holes that will allow you to practice your putting from various angles and distances and allow you to practice a firm stroke and solid putt. On top of that, this putting green has a slight uphill elevation that feels more natural than the plastic ones.
  • THICKER AND WIDER SURFACE. Shaun Webb's Putting Mat has a new design that will allow you more options for putting practice. It's high-end rubber backing is thicker than the average putting mat ensuring no problems with footprints or creases knocking your ball off-line, keeping your stroke sharp. Just make sure the floor temperature is about right, do not use it outdoors under the sun or on a very warm floor.
  • FINALLY A HIGH-END MAT FOR YOU. Considering that there are other cheaper, similar-looking products it makes sense that you wonder if you should buy this product as thousands of other customers have done in the past years. To answer that question Shaun Webb recorded for you a short video of the 5 Key differences between our mat and the second cheapest but more visible option out there. Find it in the picture's section of this listing! (find it after the last product pic)
  • GOVEAWEBB'S IRONCLAD ZERO-BUMPS ZERO-CREASES GUARANTEE. Based on the feedback from our customers, this mat has been DRAMATICALLY REDESIGNED AND IMPROVED by GOLF DIGEST'S Top Teacher & PGA Pro, Shaun Webb, for maximum performance, durability and to be completely FREE OF CREASES AND BUMPS that could affect your putt, but in the unprecedented event that after 30 days you still have a crease or bump in your mat, contact GOVEAWEBB, LLC and we'll refund you, plus we'll replace your mat at no cost.
Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par...
  • Manufactured from PET resin
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Kidney shaped practice putting green
  • High quality putting surface stays smooth
  • Built in sand trap cutouts catch missed shots
ODYSSEY Deluxe Golf Putting...
  • Large 11' x 3' (approx.) true-turf putting surface simulates real green
  • Premium foam backing minimizes folds and creases to promote a smoother/truer roll
  • Includes 2 Putter cups that are 1/2 inch
  • Putt cups are portable and can also be used on real putting green
  • Fine tune your putting stroke at home or office
Big Moss Augusta Putting Green...
  • Year round putting and chipping green
  • Portable and easy set up
  • True roll downgrain
  • Create unlimited contours
  • Measures 4 by 12 feet
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