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Best Pallet Busters

TUFFIOM 44-Inch Pallet Buster...
  • ✅ EASY TO USE: Smart design save your time and efforts. Of course save your back also. Maximum leverage is created to pry boards easily from floor joists. Just slide under the board, straddle a single or double joist and lift the board. Rotatable head allows working close to structure. Drastically reduces demolition time. LONGER length - 44’’ allows LESS efforts, compared with others’ industrial 41’’.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC HANDLE: LONGER padded anti-slip grip provides MORE COMFORT compared with others. Length of padded grip: 5.3’’.
  • ✅ FREE NAIL PULLER INCLUDED: Multiple purpose nail remover helps remove the nails before demolishing pallets, which prevents the woods from broken. Ideal for pallet furniture projects.
  • ✅ TOUGH: Made of premium iron frame, the pry bar is heavy duty and built for long-lasting use. Weight: 15.7lbs.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: 12-month hassle-free manufacturer's warranty; free lifetime technical support. US Local Stock and Local Shipment via FedEx/ UPS/ USPS promise instant delivery.
Yaheetech Steel Pallet Buster...
  • Widely Use: The pallet buster is made of high quality material, sturdy and durable to use. You can rid your garage, workshop, or warehouse of broken or unsightly pallets with this pallet breaker. Pallet bar is designed with an articulating pivot-action head that will not break or split the wood and is for for deck board, wood slide and pallet structure dissemble.
  • Double Fork: Standard pallets; double fork help prevent board slippage, and this pallet buster can pry the slat and plank apart without breaking or damaging. This pallet breaker tool includes horizontal heads with a rocker design to successfully reach between the planks; You can also remove the end plank by using another pallet or spare wood as a brace.
  • Anti-skid Grip: The mechanical lever has a good PVC grip with the anti-skid lines on its surface. The anti-skid design makes holding tightly without slipping. Save your back, your arms, and your sanity with this pallet pry bar tool as it has an extra-long handle to efficiently transfer leverage.
  • Ideal Wrecker/Repairman Tool: This pallet buster is exactly what you need for disassembling pallets, building furniture, or making crafts. Please be careful when taking apart boards or pallets.
  • No Assembly Required: The pallets buster is shipped fully assembled. You do not need to set it up, just use it directly, save time.
Angel Guard Deck Demon,...
  • QUICKLY REMOVE DECKING/ROOFING/STRAPPING - this versatile device quickly removes any type of decking, roofing, or strapping materials plus any fasteners left behind by evenly lifting and separating boards from their base
  • INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY - our large, pry bar style tool is sure to reduce your time and labor invested in deconstructing. The dual-claw head prevents board bending and busting
  • MAXIMUM LEVERAGE - this pallet breaker provides maximum leverage when using the 44" steel handle to make board splitting more like paper splitting. No gloves necessary because of cushion grip end
  • DUAL-CLAW HEAD - you can choose to separate the end of a board from its base with one claw or use both prongs at once to pull up the length of a board with Deck Demon’s dual-claw head
  • LASTING QUALITY - commercial grade, solid steel provides construction for this product that has long-lasting quality for many renovation projects to come
Pallet Buster Deck Wrecker...
  • Stop wasting your time tearing down pallets by hand with a hammer and crowbar - Let the pallet breaker do the hard work.
  • Deck Wrecker also works great as a deck board removal tool. The ultimate wood board demolition tool!
  • Exactly what you need for DIY pallet board projects like building furniture, wall art, and crafts. Please keep in mind that some boards will split and break when being removed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some pallets are reinforced with extra nails or harder wood, making them very difficult to disassemble. *
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, please contact us at Stoic Tools.
CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet...
  • Easy way to reclaim pallet wood
  • Steel construction for durability
  • 1.25" insert for your desired handle
  • Easy install handle with set screw
  • Made in USA
Pallet Buster | Deck Wrecker -...
  • QUICKLY AND EASILY DISASSEMBLE PALLETS - After inserting a handle (1.38 inch hole), the forks of the pallet buster can be inserted between the boards of a pallet or deck and ease them up without damage to the boards.
  • SIMPLE RELIABLE LOCKING PIN - A locking pin is quick and will not fall out (Two included). Screws tend to loosen up during use and will get lost.
  • 4" SPREAD BETWEEN THE FORKS - Molomax is the only brand that will fit a over a 2 X 4 and a 4 X 4; which is used in standard Chinese pallets and in many different decks for support.
  • RECLAIM WOODEN BOARDS WITHOUT DAMAGE - Reclaiming boards can be nearly impossible with a crow bar and a hammer. Pallet breakers remove this burden and help you make the pallet furniture you want.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - These pallet buster tools are the real deal. These tools will save your back, save you money, and most importantly save your wood.
Vergo Industrial Pallet...
  • Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily
  • Articulating head won't break or split the wood
  • Features durable steel construction for added strength and long life
  • Can also be used for dock board removal
Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel...
  • Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily
  • Articulating head won't break or split the wood
  • Features durable construction for added strength and long life
  • Can also be used for dock board removal
Duckbill Deck Wrecker
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Uses leverage to pry boards easily from floor joists. Slides under the board, straddles a single or double joist and lifts the board usually in one piece.
  • DISMANTLE DECKS, DOCKS, AND PALLETS IN SECONDS: The ultimate demolition tool and pallet buster.
  • NO MATCH: An old fashion heavy duty pry bar, nail puller or crowbar are no match for the Duckbill Deck Wrecker.
  • EASY TO USE: Work from standing position, not on your knees.
  • VERSATILE: Head rotates to allow working close to structure.
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