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Best Needle Scalers

Neiko 30078A Pneumatic Air...
  • Pneumatic powered paddle lever needlegun scaler with 19 high tension steel needles that strike at 4600 BPM with a 1-1/8" piston stroke
  • Fine chisel needles automatically adjust themselves to contours, curves and irregular surfaces, cleaning them to bare metal in seconds
  • Needle scaler attachment uses a bayonet mechanism to securely lock in without the need of a tool and uses a standard 1/4" NPT air inlet
  • Versatile usages in metalwork, home repair, welding, automotive repair, shipboard preservation, deburring, cleaning off parts, tools, equipment and more
  • Removes paint, mill scale, loose scale, weld flux, rust, scale, slag, splatter paint, cement and other residues from metal surfaces
Astro 4320 In-Line Needle...
  • Ideal for scaling and rust removal
  • Includes needle scaler attachment with 12 high tension steel needles 7" needles, 4" of needles exposed from tool
  • 4,200 Blows Per Minute, 4 CFM air usage
  • Item Package Dimension: 14.5" L x 3.1" W x 2.25" H
JET JAT-801 Pneumatic R8...
  • Heavy-duty, heat-treated barrels and pistons for reliability and durability
  • Ball lock retainer permits quick tool change
  • Ergonomically designed
Chicago Pneumatic Tool CP7115...
  • Great to reach surfaces in confined spaces
  • Comes with set of 12 -3mm needles
  • Excellent for rust removal
Klutch Composite Pistol-Grip...
  • Removes rust and paint
  • 19 needles operate at 4000 BPM
  • Lightweight, comfortable composite body
  • Trigger control
LE LEMATEC AS118 Sand Blaster...
  • LE LEMATEC SANDBLASTER IS EASY TO USE AND SETUP, kit comes with 1/4'' NPT quick connector, user manual, & media guide so you can start sand blasting right out of the box.
  • WITH THE PORTABLE SANDBLASTER YOUR APPLICATIONS ARE ENDLESS, almost all media types are compatible such as soda, walnut shell, and aluminum oxide. Great for DIY or professional projects.
  • SANDBLASTING WITH THE GRAVITY FEED SANDBLASTER makes sandblasting most convenient without being tethered to a siphon hose. Blast in tight spaces or hard to reach areas.
  • USES ARE ENDLESS such as glass etching, paint prep, furniture restoration and pool tile cleanup.
  • FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS WE RECOMMEND an air compressor that can maintain over 90 PSI with a minimum cfm of 4.0 at 150 psi. An air compressor inline air filter is also recommend.
Sunex SX247 Heavy Duty Air...
  • Perfect for surface prep work involving the removal of rust, paint, weld slag, etc.
  • Hardened steel casing and 1/8 inch diameter needles ensure product durability
  • Straight design for limited access areas
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
Chicago Pneumatic Tool CP7125...
  • Rubber sleeve on handle
  • Delivered with 2 sets of needles: 19 x 3mm for standard use and 29 x 2mm for finer usage
  • Excellent value
Sunex SX246 Pistol Grip Needle...
  • SURFACE PREP WORK: Perfect for surface prep work in the removal of rust, paint, weld slag and corrosion.
  • DURABLE: Equipped with 19 hardened steel needles for a long life.
  • POWERFUL: 1-5/8” piston stroke and 4, 500 blows per minute provide power, comfort and control.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Aluminum housing provides excellent durability while reducing weight.
  • BPM: 4500
Ingersoll Rand 125 Standard...
  • Adjustable bayonet-type needle housing lock allows adjustment without special tools
  • Choice of three needle materials permits custom selection for various surfaces
  • Rubber-faced throttle valve means positive sealing
  • Tested and approved in accordance with mil-s-23492a (ships)
  • Precision heat-treated needles for maximum performance
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