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Best Mini Bike Pumps

  • 6061 Alloy barrel and knurled gripping surfaces w/ high efficiency piston design
  • Includes direct-mount water bottle bracket with rubber retaining strap to insure the pump nestles out of the way but it secure for all road conditions.
  • Long extractable filler hose with lever locking presta/schrader chuck.
  • 100psi effective maximum pressure
  • 9-1/2” length when closed, 21-1/2" long when fully extended from butt to tip of chuck
Topeak Micro Rocket AL...
  • Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
  • Made using high quality materials and components
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • 65 g / 0.14 lb
  • 160 psi/ 11 bar
LEZYNE Alloy Drive Bicycle...
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY MATERIALS - Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum construction with durable and precise parts, which are built to last, so you can have a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • HIGH PRESSURE - Efficient and ergonomic overlapping design is optimized for high pressure applications in a small body. Max PSI: 120psi/8.3 bar. Length: 170mm. Weight: 75g.
  • PRESTA & SCHRADER VALVE COMPATIBLE - Equipped with Presta and Schrader valve compatible Flex Hose with integrated valve core tool that enables a tight seal with no air leaks.
  • FRAME PUMP MOUNT - Lezyne's Alloy Drive Pump includes a composite matrix frame pump mount so your hand pump does not rattle or get lost. Our secure frame mount bracket comes with an extra security Velcro pump strap.
  • A PASSION FOR DESIGN - Every product comes from a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design. Our products are intelligently engineered and designed, and functionally complete.
Klic HV - Gauge
  • Magnetic head with twisting collar to keep out dirt and debris
  • Presta & Schrader ready
  • Folding and locking handle on all models
  • Magnetic hose end to attach hose to head quickly and easily
  • Hidden flexible hose (all models)
LEZYNE Micro Floor Drive High...
  • HIGH PRESSURE - The Micro Drive HPG Pump delivers floor pump efficiency and pressure in a super compact, hand pump size. Maximum psi for this pump is 160psi. The HPG Pump weighs 194g and is 300mm tall.
  • PRO QUALITY MATERIALS - In each Micro Drive Pump, the barrel, piston, base, and T-handle is produced from lightweight aluminum using precise CNC machines and optimized for high pressure applications.
  • SIMPLE TO PUMP - Stainless steel foot peg stabilizes pump during use. ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped. Includes composite matrix frame mount, or can be stored in pack or frame bag.
  • PRESTA AND SCHRADER COMPATIBLE - Secure thread-on valve connection, enables a tight seal with no air leaks. Air Hose wraps around the pump and measures 60cm long. HPG version features integrated pressure gauge.
  • A PASSION FOR DESIGN - Every product comes from a combination of a love for cycling and a passion for design. Our products are intelligently engineered and designed, and functionally complete.
VeloChampion 7" inch Metal...
  • HIGH QUALITY, RELIABLE AND BUILT TO LAST – Stunning design and finish made from superior quality aluminium alloy with durable and precise parts. Built to last so you can have a safe and enjoyable ride, outlasting other cheaper models with plastic parts.
  • ACCURATE & PRECISE MAX 100 PSI / 6.9 BAR HIGH PRESSURE CAPACITY – Velochampion Alloy 7 Mini Bike Pump saves you time & energy while dealing with a flat tyre and quickly get you back on road.
  • FIRST-CLASS BIKE FRAME MOUNT KIT - Attaches securely to your bike and holds your portable tyre pump firmly in place. Powerful yet lightweight and easy to carry. Ideal for road, mountain, bmx, cyclocross, hybrid bikes & baby pram / buggies
  • SUPER TIGHT PRESTA AND SCHRADER CONNECTION WITH NO AIR LEAKS – It comes with a reversible Presta and Schrader valve attachment which makes a perfect mini bike pump for both road, mountain or hybrid bikes connections and enables a tight seal with no air leaks.
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY INCLUDED - We’re so confident about the quality of our products that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement.
Life on Bicycle Mini Bicycle...
  • PRESTA & SCHRADER COMPATIBLE: Free instructional guide included with your purchase shows how to easily switch between Presta & Schrader valve in just minutes. Package also includes ball needles you can use to inflate soccer balls, basketballs & more!
  • POWERFUL & EASY TO USE: This amazing micro bike pump gets you back up & riding within minutes so you're never left stranded because of a flat tire again. 100 PSI capacity gives you enough power to inflate your bike tire during an emergency, or simply use it to keep the tire pressure up during long rides. Comes ready to use; no assembling required.
  • PORTABLE, COMPACT & BUILT TO LAST - Premium CNC Aluminum Construction ensures this pump will last you a lifetime. Extremely small & compact design makes it easy to carry it in your pocket, or attach it to your bicycle so you’re always protected on the go (frame mounting kit included). Tight seals ensure there are no air leaks while pumping. Unlike most other pumps, it won't cause wear & damage to your bicycle tires either.
Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump...
  • Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
  • Made using high quality materials and components
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • Portable on-the-go bike pump with padded T-handle
  • Foldout footpad stabilizes the pump against the ground
PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Pump with...
  • QUICK PUMPING POWER & ACCURATE INFLATION - High pressure 100 psi/6.9 bar. Oversized piston design enables this portable pump to reach riding pressure with 30% fewer strokes compared to conventional mini bike pumps. Flexible air hose design works with awkward or tight valve placements. Air hose cleverly stored in handle to maximize compactness. The hose features an INTEGRATED PRESSURE GAUGE so you can accurately pump to your desired air pressure!
  • DURABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - Stunning design and finish. Superior quality CNC machined aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts - THIS PUMP IS BUILT TO LAST! 8.75 inches long and weighing in at only 4.5oz. Check out our ‘How to Video’ in the ‘Related Video Shorts’ section. Please NOTE this mini bike pump with gauge is not a replacement for a ‘full size floor pump’ which will deliver larger air volume per pumping stroke due to it’s much bigger size barrel.
  • SUPER TIGHT PRESTA & SCHRADER CONNECTION WITH NO LEAKS - Easy switching between Presta & Schrader valves thanks to innovative hose design - No adapters needed! Secure thread-on valve connection, enables a super tight seal with no air leaks and NO MORE DAMAGED BIKE TIRE VALVES! Not compatible with non threaded valve extenders. For Presta valves with removable cores, extra care should be taken to tightly screw the core into the valve stem.
  • NO PUMP RATTLES OR LOST PUMP with our safe & secure frame mount bracket with extra security strap. Pre-drilled holes in bike frame required for installation of pump mount.
  • ‘BEST BUY AWARD WINNER’ BY OUTDOOR GEAR LAB, an Amazon Verified Expert - We’re very proud to have been awarded their ‘Best Buy Award’ for ‘quality products that offer the most bang-for-the-buck’ in their Best Bicycle Frame and Mini Pump Review.
Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump &...
  • NO VALVE CHANGING OR ADAPTERS NEEDED: Automatically locks onto both Presta and Schrader tire valves
  • 120 PSI EXTENDABLE TELESCOPE: Easily switch from high volume to high pressure
  • "SUPER FIT" CLEVER VALVE: No leaks, firmly grips both Schrader and Presta valves automatically
  • MOUNTING BRACKET: Attaches the tire pump to your bike, added velcro strap holds the pump firmly in place
  • INCLUDED: Glue-less puncture kit, be prepared for a flat tire anywhere
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