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Best Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Joyful Flappers Pro-Style...
  • QUICKLY PICK UP AND REMOVE - Nails, screws, nuts, washers, tacks, bolts, wires, magnetic metal debris
  • COMBO KIT INCLUDES - 14" Magnetic Sweeper, 3 3/8" Magnetic Disk and 1 interchangeable telescopic handle
  • MADE IN THE USA - The sweeper rolls easily on 4" poly wheels holding up to 20 lbs; the disk up to 4 lbs
  • QUICK RELEASE FEATURES - Patent Pending releases on both make disposal of collected metals simple, fast and safe
  • TELESCOPIC HANDLE - Easily adjusts from 30" to 55" for any height user
Master Magnetics Magnetic...
  • 48" sweeping width picks up 22 pounds of 8 penny nails from 2" height - approximately 2,000 pieces
  • 1-3/4" high x 5" deep
  • Available in sweeping widths from 18" to 84"
  • Recommended operating speed: 5mph
  • Recommended sweeping height: 2-4 inches
AMK Magnetics Terminator...
  • Can be used as heavy-duty push magnetic sweeper or forklift sweeper
  • Has 2in. ground clearance
  • Up to 250 lbs. of lift power
  • Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum
  • Cleans large areas quickly
Magnet Sweeper Heavy Duty...
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A PUSH BROOM - The best cleaning tool for metal debris on shop floors! This sweeper adds magnetic power to your clean up. Stop bending over with a broom and dustpan. This strong 14” magnet sweeper collects up to 3 lbs of metal.
  • 48” HANDLE WITH RUBBER GRIP - Master Magnetics push-style sweepers have long handles with rubber grips, allowing you to push this rolling magnet like a carpet sweeper or push broom. Yet, it’s easier to use than a vacuum or broom.
  • 6” WHEELS WITH RUBBER TREAD - With wheels on either side of this powerful cleaning tool, the Magnetic Sweeper easily sweeps up small metal objects. Each wheel measures 6” in diameter and features steel rims and rubber treads for maneuverability.
  • 14” SWEEPING PATH - This heavy-duty rolling magnet boasts a 14” sweeping path with approximately 233 lbs of pull. The magnet can pick up an average of 300 8-penny nails, so you can sweep large, commercial areas without needing to clear the magnet.
  • LOAD-RELEASE HANDLE - Quickly clear the collected materials from the magnet by pulling up on the handle. This makes it easy to transfer debris to a recycling bin. This sweeper is the perfect tool for shops, garages, construction sites, and more.
AJC Hatchet 070-RMS Rolling...
  • Powerful magnets, quick release, and improved adjustable wheel brackets
  • Comes with big 7-inch diameter wheels and stainless steel magnetic box for easy clean-up
  • Handle folds over for easy storage
  • Length: 30 inches
Yaheetech 36in Rolling...
  • Quick Release: Fast handling of sundries and convenient operation
  • Rubber Wheels:This rolling magnet sweeper has two 6.9" wheels rolling smoothly on carpet, grass, concrete, floor,,driveways, earth and gravel
  • Versatility: This magnetic pick up sweeper is easy to scan particles, find screws, nuts, nails, gaskets, collect metal fragments to keep your tires and feet safe
  • Retractable handle:The particular magnetic floor sweeper telescopic handle can be changed from 29.7 to 40 "to avoid backward bending and tightening
  • Efficient and labor-saving:The 36 "ultra-wide rolling magnetic sweeper can roll around flower beds, courtyards, driveways or houses, and can cross more areas faster.
Fabcell Telescoping Magnetic...
  • ★Telescopic handle with rubber comfort contoured grip
  • ★Magnet stick pick up damaging nails, screws, and ferrous metal scraps
  • ★This magnetic sweeper is able to sweeps driveways, garage floors and other large areas quickly, and holds tight onto items weighing up to 33 lbs capacity
  • ★Our telescoping magnetic pickup tool ha powerful magnet, strong enough to retrieve dropped tools and parts from hard-to-reach spots
  • ★Full size 45 inch shaft means no back-straining bending or reaching, telescoping shaft collapses to 28 inch for efficient storage
Neiko 53418A Magnetic Pick-Up...
  • Multi USE: retrieve nails, screws and all ferrous metals objects up to 30 lbs, and keep your tires and foot traffic safe from sharp metals
  • Quick release: lift the quick-release handle to remove all attached particles at once
  • 36” extra wide: large working surface clears the entire area more quickly and efficiently with less effort
  • Telescoping handle: adjustable height from 29” to 42” helps to avoid back bending and straining
  • 7” large wheels: roll smoothly on carpet, grass, concrete and hardwood floors; adjustable clearance space ranges 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches
Master Magnetics - Magnetic...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Lightweight materials and powerful attraction make it the best rolling magnet sweeper for the price. Push or pull it under furniture and across shop floors, driveways, dirt, grass and gravel. This is a customer favorite.
  • 3” WHEELS WITH RUBBER TREAD: Side-mounted wheels with steel bushings and rubber treads enable maneuverability indoors or out. Simply push or pull this rolling magnet sweeper like a carpet sweeper or push broom across variable terrains.
  • EFFICIENT SWEEPING PATH: This rolling magnet features a 14.5” sweeping path with apx. 30 pounds of pull. It can pick up an average of 225 8-penny nails, so you can sweep large areas without needing to clear the magnet frequently.
  • ALUMINUM HOUSING RESISTS CORROSION: The neodymium magnet is protected from the elements making it suitable for use anywhere. Pick up nuts, bolts, springs, wire, ammunition casings, drill bits, fish hooks, lures, and so much more!
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A VACUUM OR BROOM: Effortlessly clean up ferrous metal debris indoors and out to protect family, pets, livestock and property. This strong 14.5” magnetic sweeper quickly collects up to 1.6 lbs of metal at a time.
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