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Best Inspection Mirrors

Rehabilitation Advantage...
  • The acrylic mirror measures 6" high by 4" wide; including the mirror, this item measures 22" long
  • The flexible shaft of this inspection mirror can be bent into a variety of positions while the mirror itself stays securely in place
  • The adjustable plastic cuff can be used for full palmar grip or finger grasping for individuals with weak grip strength or limited hand function
  • The long handle allows people with limited range of motion and flexibility to inspect their skin for breakdown or sores
  • The magnified mirror is perfect for viewing hard to see areas of the body, tight spaces, and awkward angles
HARDK Telescoping Inspection...
  • Product Specifications: the LED inspection mirror is 3-1/2 in. long and 2-1/4 in. wide. The length of the mirror handle can be increased up to 30-1/4 in. for a perfect viewing angle
  • Rotating LED: inspection light mirror is equipped with three LED bulbs in a rotating base that allows quick adjustments. The LED mirror is available with CR2032 batteries
  • Telescopic Mirror: round mirror features an all-angle ball joint that holds the mirror head firmly for the perfect viewing angle. The portable mirror weighs 5.6 oz. and can be easily carried to different places
  • Utility Range: telescopic LED mirror ensures a quick inspection into automotive engines, machinery, and other concealed dark spaces. It enables toolmakers and mechanics to look for engine faults
  • Durable Handle: HARDK inspection mirror has a strong yet cushion handle for an accurate examination of automotive engine.Cushion handle will not slip in wet or oily hands
NoCry Pick-up Tool Set -...
  • A handy kit of two different retriever sticks and a magnetic parts bowl. Locate and pick up magnetic objects from confined and out of reach places. All coated in rust resistant zinc. Bonus: Saves you up to 25% compared to buying each tool separately.
  • The long retractable inspection stick with foldable 2 inch mirror gives you 360° visual access to spots you would otherwise not see. Inspect engines, see under furniture, down drains, in vents or the bottoms of your feet with its 22 ½ inch reach.
  • The round magnetic plate stores, organizes and keeps retrieved nails, nuts, bolts, screws, pins, coins, staples, in one place and within reach. Attaches to all ferrous surfaces horizontally, vertically or upside-down with the surface-friendly rubber encased magnet.
  • The telescopic wand has a ⅝ inch wide heavy duty magnetic head and can be extended to up to 30 3/4in long. The non-slip rubber handle makes it easy to retrieve lost or fallen magnetic items, washers, keys, spark plugs, or heavier objects up to 8lb.
  • NoCry stands behind every item we make. If there's an issue with any of your NoCry pick-up tools, we'll make it right by sending you a hassle free replacement, or full refund.
Telescoping LED Lighted...
  • Rectangular Mirror Size:2.5"*1.7" Extended Length: 34" Collapsed Length: 7.5"
  • Telescoping mirror has 2 extra bright LED lights facilitate the inspection of hard-to-see and hard-to reach areas
  • Not only is the mirror telescoping and lighted, it also features a 360 degree swivel double ball joint for extra viewing capabilities
  • Inspection mirror comes with two CR2032 batteries, Comfortable molded poly handle with soft, nonslip rubber grip
  • Inspection mirrors are ideal for toolmakers, machinists, inspectors and mechanics; lights make it especially useful for dark and hard to see places
Ullman Devices HTE-LT2 Round...
  • LED Inspection Mirror: inspection mirror telescopes for easy adjustments at different angles. The round mirror with an LED light at the top of head illuminates darker areas
  • Utility: Ullman telescopic mirror enables you to peep into automotive engines, guitars, under and behind large furniture and other confined places for inspection, repairing, and to search for missing objects
  • Swivel Free: the swivel-free antenna of the mechanics mirror prevents unwanted mirror swinging whereas the all-angle ball joint holds the mirror firmly at the desired angle
  • Sturdy Construction: easy-to-carry, swivel-free telescopic mirror features a strong and lightweight stainless-steel handle that can be extended to inspect hard-to-reach places
  • Specifications: Ullman inspection mirror with 1-3/8 in. Diameter is equipped with an adjustable stick. The stick’s length can be adjusted from 6-1/2 in. to 35 in.
Tooluxe 20731L Magnetic Pick...
  • This handy inspection mirror and magnetic pick-up tool assortment is perfect for finding and retrieving metal; easily grab nails, pieces, and debri behind HVAC appliances, cabinets, automobile parts, work benches, and more
  • Magnetic pick-up tool features a pulling load capacity of 16-lbs (even weight distribution), with telescoping handle that extends from 7 to 30-1/4-inches for long reach
  • Inspection mirror retractable handle extends from 10 to 30-inches to provide visibility of hard-to-see angles and out-of-reach spaces
  • Soft grip handles on both tools provide comfortable and ergonomic hold; mirror handle contains a pocket clip for carrying convenience
  • Magnetic pick-up tool and inspection mirror set comes with two mirrors measuring at 2-1/4-inches in diameter
Brosive Tongue Cleaner...
  • ※ BIODEGRADEABLE MATERIAL:Made of environmental PVC and PAP material,our tongue cleaner is durable and meet the standard of CE and FDA.
  • ※ ENSURE THE SAFETY:Made of food grade material, safe, heathly and no smell. In addition, it's soft and won't hurt your tongue!
  • ※ EASY-TO-USE:Mint Rose Tongue Cleaner has double sides non-slip handle, which embodies ergonomics and experiences well. It won't slide from your hand, just open it and use it freely, hassle free!
  • ※ SPECIAL DOUBLE DESIGN:One side is to scrape,while other side is to brush. Use the brush bristles to bring debris to the tongue surface, Use scraper side to gently remove Sundries that cause bad breath.
  • ※ DENTIST ADVICE:Oral cavity cleaning not only needs to brush teeth, but also clean the tongue to clean off the Sundries from your tongue and to enhance your sense of taste.
SE Telescoping 2" Round...
  • Round mirror diameter: 2 inches
  • Swivel neck to adjust the mirror's position
  • Length extends up to 33 inches
  • Strong and sturdy black cushion grip handle with metal clip
  • Great for inspections, detailed projects, and more
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