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Best Heated ATV Grips

Kolpin 50-0360 Hot Thermal...
  • Handlebar mounted dial switch
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Plug & Play connectors
Western Power Sports Heated...
  • Warms up to steady heat when engine is running
  • Quality rubber is resistant to low temperatures and resists cracking
  • Easy to use sealed controls
  • Relay protected controls
  • Fits ATV's with thumb throttle
Heat Demon 215049 High/Low ATV...
  • Fits all ATV makes and models with a 7/8" handlebar
  • Two (2) heated clamp-on grips - no adhesive required for installation
  • Comes with a 3-position (off, low, high) round rocker switch
  • Maximum 40 watts (20 per grip) at 14 volts
  • Kit includes everything needed for simple installation
Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone...
  • Fits all ATV makes and models with a 7/8" handlebar
  • Two (2) heated clamp-on grips and one (1) adhesive-backed silicone thumb warmer
  • Dual-Zone Controller - select your thumb and grip heat levels separately
  • Maximum 45 watts (20 per grip, 5 per thumb warmer) at 14 volts
  • Kit includes everything needed for simple installation
Oury ATVB Black ATV Grips
  • Whether you are out for an afternoon ride or muscling your ATV through a rough course at breakneck speed, the ATV Grip is your edge to control and comfort
  • Rigid testing has proven the large padded, extremely soft ATV Grip will give you excellent control and maximum comfort
  • Small flange designed for most ATV's with a thumb throttle
  • For 7/8" handlebars, sold as a pair
  • Specifications: 5 inches long (127 mm); 4.5 inch circumference; 7/8" I.D.; 1.26 inches O.D. (32 mm); 5 ounces (141.5 grams)
  • Pro taper grips are some of the most widely used grips in professional motocross because of the quality grips they offer.
  • The Pro Taper Pillow Top grips are no exception.
  • The new Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite grip utilize a low profile design for better feel and hand control.
  • The Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite grip is covered in small square cushions (pillows) which give the rider's hand extra support and comfort.
  • The Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite grips are made of a custom Kraton rubber compound which provides a super tacky feel and great glove traction.
Symtec 215047 Heated Push On...
  • Includes push-on heated grips, thumb warmer, and dual channel heat controller with 5 heat settings
  • Winter pak with 4 Zone controller comes with an additional 2 variable voltage plug-ins and 1 DC plug-in
  • 4 zone controller has setting memory
  • ODIs Rogue Lock-On Grip features the largest diameter of their grip line for riders with big hands as well as riders seeking the most amount of vibration dampening
  • Large raised pads with textured surface pattern improve traction and create increased grip life
  • Featuring a 3/4 flange for protection from handlebar components while still allowing access to thumb throttles, Rogue Lock-On Grips are a must for Mud Boggers, GNCC racers and all-around ATV enthusiasts
  • Available in black in 120mm and 130mm lengths
Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black...
  • Featuring a full waffle design, the Radial ATV grip offers a dependable feel many top racers have come to expect
  • Soft, single density reduces vibration, Arm pump, and fatigue
  • Radial ATV Full Waffle grip features a tried and true design that has been around for decades
  • Designed to fit 7/8" handlebars
  • Specially designed for ATV thumb throttles with no flange and an integrated safety wire channel
BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)
  • For twist throttle applications
  • This new elegant grip design with revolutionary heating structure delivers heat faster than ever. The new five-level temperature controller allows you to accurately adjust the grip temperature. You no longer need to tolerate uncomfortable temperatures.
  • Elegant, open-end grip design make the heated grip both functional and stylish
  • Specially-selected rubber material resists outdoor environments and provides a secure and comfortable grip
  • Suitable for 12V DC application only


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