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Best Headlight Restoration Kits

Mothers 07251 NuLens Headlight...
  • Designed to quickly and safely restore, maintain and protect all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights to crystal clarity
  • It easily cleans away yellowing and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws in a single step
  • The included PowerPlastic 4Lights polish restores crystal clarity, leaving a tough protective, oxidation-inhibiting polymer layer to guard against future degradation from the elements
  • Includes: 3-inch Backing Plate, PowerBall 4Lights Polishing Tool, Restoration Discs, 8 oz. Polish
Meguiar's G1900K Headlight and...
  • Restores "like-new" clarity to cloudy, scratched, oxidized, and yellowed uncoated plastic surfaces
  • Includes Easy Buff wool pad that attaches to a standard corded drill for a faster cut, truer clarity, and more control. Use with Meguiar's Plast-X (included) to work quicker and more effectively than you can by hand.
  • Inclusive kit contains all that you need to bring clarity back to your headlights. Kit comes with a 4 oz.bottle of Plast-X Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish, Drill-operated Easy Buff wool pad, and Stubborn Defect Removal Pack - Sanding and Finishing pads
  • Quickly and safely cleans and restores brilliant clarity to clear plastics in just one easy step
  • Provides amazing results on headlights, taillights, boat windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, and other uncoated clear plastic surfaces
VViViD Do-It-Yourself...
  • Perfectly suited for use on headlights, taillights, fog, and directional lights
  • Includes: 2x 800 grit sandpaper pads, 2x 1200 grit sandpaper pads, 2x 2000 grit sandpaper pads, 1 polishing disc, 2 pouches of polishing compound, 2 pouches of UV coating, 1 roll of masking tape, 1 velcro adapter, 1 machine adapter and 1 foam applicator disc.
  • Helps protect from UV rays and future yellowing or discoloration
  • Restores cloudy and dull lenses as well as remove minor scratches or cracks in under an hour!
  • Easy to use 4-step process (Instructions included).
Turtle Wax 50764 Drill-Based...
  • Turtle Wax Drill-Based Headlight Restorer Kit restores light to heavy oxidation, scratches and yellowing on up to 4 headlights and taillights and prevents future damage
  • Includes everything you need: Velcro Drill Arbor (2.75"), 3 Premium Sanding Pads (1500 grit, 2400 grit, 3600), 4 Fl Oz. Spray Lubricant, 4 Fl Oz. Compound, (2) Base Coat Wipes, (2) Sealing Wipes
  • Varying grits of sandpaper and universal arbor allow you to customize the tools depending on the degree of damage - Restoration will clear headlights and increase visibility
  • The Base Coat Wipes and Sealing Wipes use proven Turtle Wax technology to help lock in results and protect against future yellowing and oxidation
  • Restores 1 whole headlight in only 15 minutes
Philips Headlight Restoration...
  • Removes haze and yellowing from sun and dirt and restores headlight to like-new conditions
  • Provides 2 years of UV protection for your headlight lenses
  • No power tools needed. The kit includes everything you need to restore both headlight lenses.
  • Can be used on: headlights, taillights, turn signal lights, reflective lens covers
Rain-X 800001809 Headlight...
  • Helps restore clear plastic by removing haze and discoloration
  • Improves visibility with clearer headlight lenses
  • Multi-step kit provides a deeper cleaning process than single step products
  • Provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights with the use of a specially designed polish and sealant
  • Rain-X kit contains the lubricant and 3 grain-levels of sandpaper, polish with headlight restorer cream and sealant towelettes to finish the job
Sonax (405941-745 Headlight...
  • EASY 3-Step process requires as little as 10 minutes to remove scratches and restore old, dull, or faded headlight lenses
  • RESTORES cloudy or yellowed headlights back to a "like new" condition with no power tools required
  • IMPROVES visibility and driving safety with high light output
  • HEADLIGHT RESTORATION KIT can restore up to four headlights
  • PROTECTS headlights against UV damage and the elements
SYLVANIA - Headlight...
  • Restores Headlight To A Like-New Appearance and Removes Haze: Headlight lenses on your vehicle can become yellow, dull, and hazy from the sun. Our Headlight Restoration Kit fully removes haze and corrosion and restores the clarity and shine you need to see downroad at night.
  • Restores Headlight Light Output: Restores original clarity and vision to sun damaged plastic headlight lenses. The lenses will be clearer, the headlight will shine brighter, and the road ahead will be better illuminated.
  • 3 Easy Steps To Restore Long Lasting Uv Protection To Your Headlights: Step 1 - Surface Activator, Proprietary activator softens plastic, making it easier to sand smooth. Step 2 - Sand and Polish. Step 3 - Finish and seal with UV Block Clear Coat applicator.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The components of this kit are good for two headlight assemblies. Once installed properly, the performance of the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit is guaranteed by a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your car.
  • The Sylvania Standard Of Quality: With over 100 years in business, Sylvania is the world leader in automotive lighting for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket.
3M Headlight Lens Restoration...
  • KIT INCLUDES: 1 - Disc Pad Holder, 3.25 inch (8,2 centimeter) 6 - 3M Gold Sanding Discs 500 Grit, 3 inch (7,6 centimeter) each 4 - 3M White Finishing Discs 800 Grit, 3 inch (7,6 centimeter) each 1 - 3M Trizact Refining Disc, 3 inch (7,6 centimeter) 1 - 3M Rubbing Compound, 1 US fluid ounces (29 meter)
  • LIKE NEW HEADLIGHTS: Easy heavy duty kit solution helps your headlights look like new
  • REMOVE HARSHEST YELLOWING: Kit is powered a drill-activated sanding to provide maximum clarity
  • RESTORE CLEARNESS: Improve the appearance of your vehicle.
  • SEE BETTER AT NIGHT: Enhances visibility and safety for night driving
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