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Best Dehumidifiers With Built In Pumps

Pure & Dry Whisper 70-Pint...
  • The Pure & Dry Whisper 70-Pint Energy Star Rated Portable Dehumidifier with a built-in pump covers spaces up to 1,400 square feet in size and silently operates down to 41°F.
  • Control humidity settings from 35% to 85% with an easy-to-use digital humidistat. Provides a digital reading of the room’s actual humidity.
  • Helps protect against mold and mildew.
  • Features: built-in pump, full-tank alert system, auto defrost and auto restart
  • Caster wheels, side handles and portable design make this a convenient and easy-to-move unit.
Dri-EAZ F413 Revolution LGR...
  • WATER REMOVAL: 12 gal/day at 80°F/60% RH (AHAM), 17.3 gal/day at 90°F/90% RH
  • AIR MOVEMENT: 121-180 CFM
  • COMPACT DESIGN: 17.6" x 12.5" x 21.5" in. (HxWxD)
  • CONTROL PANEL: Displays the inlet/outlet temperatures, relative humidity, and tracks job hours.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Recessed feet indents make it possible to stack up to 3 units on a handtruck for quick and safe transport.
Danby Energy Star 70-Pint...
  • Portable dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day
  • Vertical pump can pump water upward directly into a sink or out a basement window for continuous operation
  • For use in rooms up to 4,500 sq. Ft. Depending upon conditions
  • Low temperature operation down to 41F
  • Front access water tank with 12.7-Pint capacity and full-tank indicator light
Keystone 95 Pt. Dehumidifier...
  • Room dehumidifier with built-in pump for continuous upward drainage
  • Removes up to 95 pints of moisture from the air per day
  • Dehumidifies a room up to 6000 square feet
  • Electronic controls with LED Display and 24-hour timer
  • Auto-restart saves your settings during a power outage
Whynter D Energy Star 70 Pint...
  • 70 pint/33 liter capacity dehumidifier with 13 pint/6.15 liter removable water bucket including handles and caster wheels for portability
  • Low temp operation (minimum ambient temperature low 40 degrees F), electronic controls with humidity sensor settings, fit for 35-85% relative humidity
  • Auto-restart, auto-shutoff, 24-hour timer, dual fan speed, and auto-defrosting capability to prevent frost build-up inside unit
  • Noise level: <55 dBA, air flow: 335m3/h / 197 CFM, maximum power consumption: 915W / 4.6A, power supply: 115 V / 60Hz
  • UL listed, Energy Star rated, 2 in 1 silver-coated washable pre-filter combo, R410A, 16.5' and 20" drain hoses for pump and continuous/gravity drain
AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace...
  • Benefit of Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System, HGV- a quick and efficient Defrosting process, truly make dehumidifier able to work at the Low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit), makes unit work continuously and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process, not only saving the energy but also making unit last longer.
  • Internal Corrosion Protection, A advanced Technology to minimize the corrosion and Freon leakage, as you know in dehumidification applications, there always get oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide, normal coils get corrosion and Freon leakage quickly, this Epoxy coating Provide protection in corrosive environment and maintain the coil’s heat transfer ability over the life of coil.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE MODERN HOME-For your full satisfaction, we designed this Professional dehumidifier with the modern consumer in mind, All Special features make it the best for Crawl space and Basement applications, HGV Defrosting system, Remote control system, strong as the Tank, Epoxy coated, G3 filter, Low-temperature operation, C-ETL.
  • REMOTE CONTROL – This professional dehumidifier is designed with the remote monitoring function, it makes this unit an ideal choice for places where remote sensing and controlling is required, It is also a good choice for the sound insulation and saving the space usage, you can buy the remote control from our store as well.
  • 5 YEARS - We believe in quality and after-sales-service, All our high-quality ALORAIR basement/crawlspace dehumidifier are made for your full utilization. It is sure to last long and still keep its shape look. Your 100% satisfaction is with 5 Years and great after-sales-service team countrywide.
Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Energy...
  • This Compressor Dehumidifier Keeps Spaces Up to 4,500 Sq. Ft. Cool & Comfortable by Removing 50 Pints of Moisture/Day (70 Pint according to the old DOE [Department of Energy] standards, in 2019 this was classified as 70 pint and it now needs to be classified as 50 pint but IT REMOVED THE SAME MOISTURE AS THE OLD 70 PINT)
  • Built-In 16W Pump Delivers Worry-Free Use w/Continuous Upward Water Drainage Out of Basement Window or Into Sink
  • Built-In Humidity Sensor - The LCD accurately displays the current humidity level in the room, enabling you to set your ideal levels for automatic moisture control
  • Bright LED Display Indicates Humidistat & Setting, Fan Speed, Timer, Filter Alert & More
  • Highlights Include Eco-Efficiency (ENERGY STAR Certified), Casters, Auto-Defrost, & Auto-Restart
Friedrich 70 Pint Dehumidifier...
  • Top-mount has digital touch controls / Precise humidity control
  • Built-in casters for easy mobility / Plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet
  • Removable condensate bucket with a carry handle / 2-speed fan
  • Low ambient operation down to 41 F / Automatic defrost cycle
  • Continuous-drainage operation / 3 drainage options available
TOSOT 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier...
  • 4, 500 SQ FT: Our dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of water every 24 hours (same as 70 Pint units under 2012 DOE standard. ) A lower humidity level allows your AC system to work more efficiently because it's easier to change the temperature of dry air compared to moist, super-humid air.
  • INTERNAL PUMP: The internal pump automatically removes collected water from the dehumidifier so you never experience downtime due to a full water bucket. Water can be pumped sideways or vertically up to 12 feet away. Water will collect in the bucket until it's almost full, then the internal pump will automatically start up to remove the collected water.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: After choosing a target humidity level the control panel will display the current humidity level. The dehumidifier will power off after reaching the target you set. If you want the dehumidifier to run nonstop regardless of the current humidity level, press the minus button until the control panel displays "NS. " The dehumidifier will run until the drain bucket is full, which will never happen if you activate the internal pump from the control panel.
  • SILENT OPERATION: This dehumidifier is so quiet you might even forget it's there. A peak sound level of 51 decibels (using high speed) will be almost as quiet as a private suburban street or a normal conversation at home.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Since it is Energy-Star rated, this dehumidifier will quickly remove moisture from the air without running up your utility bill. Energy Star appliances are not just better for the environment, they also cost 30% less to operate compared to non-Energy Star appliances.
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