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Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

  • Eliminates Odors From Urine, Feces, And Bacteria
  • Controls Odors Between Scooping
  • Odor-eliminating carbon for maximum odor control
Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight,...
  • One (1) 17 lb. Pail - Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight 24/7 Performance Multi Cat Litter
  • Low Dust for a Clean, Easy Pour
  • Prevents ammonia odor from forming for two weeks when used as directed
  • Lightweight formula is 50% lighter than the leading clumping litter
  • Tight, strong clumps for easy scooping
ökocat Natural Wood Cat...
  • 7 DAY ODOR CONTROL: Advanced clean wood fiber naturally blocks the creation of ammonia odor for 7 days
  • EASY CLEAN CLUMPING: Fast, complete absorption for superior clumping means your kitty stays clean and dry longer and clean-up is a breeze.
  • NO AIRBORNE DUST: Easy breathing and a cleaner, healthier home.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR ADDED SCENTS: Made from 100% sustainable and renewable wood fiber found in nature, making it better for you, your cat and the planet.
  • BIODEGRADABLE, FLUSHABLE: Degrades quickly and cleanly unlike clay litters that sit in landfills for years. Plus, it has the added convenience of being flushable. Just scoop and flush one clump at a time.
ARM & HAMMER Platinum Double...
  • Destroys urine & feces odors on contact
  • 20% more odor eliminators that our regular double duty litter
  • Powerful moisture-activated odor neutralizers and Arm & Hammer baking soda crystals destroy urine and feces odors on contact
  • Hard clumps for easy Scooping
  • 99% dust free
- 45%
World's Best Cat Litter,...
  • OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL - Keep your cat's litter box smelling fresh thanks to a natural unscented litter with long-lasting odor control.
  • QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING - No more chiseling and scraping thanks to a fast-acting natural litter that leaves less mess in and around your litter box.
  • FLUSHABLE* - SEPTIC SAFE - Skip the trip to the trash with a lightweight litter that's Tested and proven flushable* and safe for septic and sewer systems!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & 99% DUST FREE - Naturally free of silica dust, this lightweight cat litter offers low tracking and less mess - so you and your cat can breathe easy.
  • PET, PEOPLE & PLANET FRIENDLY - A naturally safe litter made from whole-kernel corn that offers no harmful chemicals and no artificial perfumes.
- 5%
Purina Yesterday's News Non...
  • 30 pounds Bag Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Cat Litter
  • Absorbs 3x the moisture by mass than traditional clay based litter
  • Delivers effective odor control
  • No added fragrance for peace of mind
  • Designed for low tracking with no small particles
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal...
  • 7 day guarantee. Experience the confidence of a 7-day odor free-home-guaranteed.
  • 100% Dust Free, No more dust clouds when pouring or scooping.
  • Seals and destroys odor. Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form a tight seal around cat waste odor, and heavy-duty odor eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda destroy sealed in odors on contact.
  • No crumbly clumps. Plant-derived particles help create rock solid clumps for easy scooping.
  • Multi-cat strength. Specially formulated for multiple cat households.
Purina Tidy Cats Litter...
  • Six (6) 3.5 pounds Pouches Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Pellets Refill Cat Litter
  • Allows urine to pass through for odor control
  • Dehydrates solid waste to prevent tracking
  • 99.9 percent dust free formula
  • Allows for quick and easy litter box maintenance
- 8%
Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium...
  • 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic natural litter to keep your surfaces clean and perfect for families who suffer from allergies
  • Hard clumping, medium-grain clay makes it the perfect clumping litter that helps prevent moisture
  • Multi-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out
  • Ideal for sifting and mechanical litter boxes so it's easier for you to dispose of your kitty's waste
  • Forms hard clumps that don't break down making easier to scoop up and clean the box twice daily
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