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Best Car Air Purifiers

Car Air Purifier,Ionizer, Air...
  • Car Ionizer improving the air quality and removing unwanted smoke, odors, pollen,air propulsion, dust and more. Can help with: Allergic Bronchitis Allergic Sinusitis and Asthma
  • Eliminates generation airborne bacteria by 99%, while providing the activation of the cells of the body and mental clarity.Can be used as car air freshener
  • Fashionable Unique Design Car Air Purifier with 3,800,000pcs/cm3 Negative Ion
  • Car Ionizer and ozone generator uses an electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which then remove microscopic particles from the air, improving the air quality in your car.
  • Product Certifications: CE (European conformity marking that indicates that the product it is affixed to complies with all relevant Europeanhealth safety and environmental protection legislation requirements),FCC (Federal Communications Commission), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Homdox Car Air Purifier,True...
  • ✔Captures 99.97% of allergens with True HEPA filtration including: dust mites pet dander plant pollens and more.
  • ✔With activated carbon treatment removes of formaldehyde within one hour more than 99%.Reduces odors from pets, cooking and smoking with this activated carbon.
  • ✔According to the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Doctors recommend HEPA air filtration to reduce exposure to car asthma triggers
  • ✔The Purifier has an integrated air quality sensor that can detect the presence of odors in the air.This is indicated on the on/off speed button through 3 colors(Green means good air quality,orange means moderate,red means poor).
  • ✔We follow up with every order to be certain that you are loving our product. We want our customers completely happy. Even if our product isn't a perfect match for them. We offer a 100% GUARANTEE. No gimmicks or special bonuses, Just a top quality product. If you have any question,feel free to contact us.
TECOOL Car Air Purifier,...
  • 【Captures 99% of allergens】The car air purifier with True HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter), three-stage filtering process that eliminates up to 99% of harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, odors, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle.
  • 【Automotive Clean】Start car engine and the air purifier will operate automatically. Two mode you can choose, high speed and low speed.
  • 【Mini and Portable Design】 - Air purifier Size :Dia 6 * H 1.5 inch, super mini and space-saving, compact and portable for your convenience.
  • 【Easy to use】Powered by USB cable,connected with computer or the charger.Press the touch switch to change the fan speed and power ON/OFF.Easy to change the filter net.
  • 【Note and Guarantee】Recommended to use this car air cleaner in the space of small range (Max CADR: 5m³/h) and we offer 1 year warranty service for any unartifitial reason
PURGGO Car Air Freshener -...
  • CHEMICAL-FREE - Contains no fragrance, no plastic, no chemicals. PURGGO is made with 100% bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odor. PURGGO is healthy and safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It's also great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities.
  • ELIMINATE (NOT MASK) ODOR - Porous bamboo charcoal acts like a big sponge. As air organically passes through, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside the charcoal. PURGGO actually removes odor, rather than covering it up!
  • LASTS MORE THAN 365+ DAYS - The world's longest lasting car air freshener. PURGGO can be used for more than 365 days, while common car fresheners only last up to 45 days. Save your time and money. Say NO to pricey refills.
  • SUSTAINABLE - Made with bamboo and hemp, two of the most renewable natural resources in the world. At the end of its lifecycle, PURGGO’s bamboo charcoal can be used as a natural fertilizer for your plants.
  • FRESH AIR GUARANTEED - We are dedicated to providing amazing customer service. We are confident that your car will smell fresh and clean all year long with PURGGO. Contact our responsive customer service team if you are not satisfied with your purchase, and we’ll make it right.
PeakPlus Best Car Air Purifier...
  • ✔ Latest Air Purification Technology - Most powerful car air purifier ionizer releases 4.8 million negative oxygen ions per cm³ to charge the air to keep it clean, fresh and pure.
  • ✔ More Features – Eliminates smoke, odor, pet and cigarette smell - Kills bacteria, viruses and mold -Freshens air - Dissolves smoke, dust, harmful gas particles and PM2.5 air pollutants - Ideal for passengers with allergies and breathing problems.
  • ✔ No Filter Needed - Unlike vacuum HEPA air purifier freshener, this automobile ionic air purifier doesn’t require filter and destroys odor-causing particles and improves air quality instead of masking odors like normal perfumed air fresheners.
  • ✔ Easy to Use, Fashionable Design – Just plug directly into the 12V cigarette outlet and leave it there. It looks perfect as a cool and stylish car accessory with blue LED light.
  • ✔ Quality Assurance, Perfect Gift: Product certifications such as FCC, CE and RoHS certified and approved. Full kit comes with a metal case box. (FCC – Federal Communications Commission; CE – European conformity marking indicates compliance with relevant European health safety and environmental protection legislation requirements; RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
EVTECH Portable Car Air...
  • Photocatalyst Purifier-It can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other peculiar smell gas.It is also like a active carbon filter.The active oxygen generator can quickly decompose smell bacteria, germs, and formaldehyde that make in- car air fresh and clean.
  • Anion Producer- The car air purifier can rise the productivity of anion by 50%, more than 3 million high-quality negative oxygen ion to help prompt fresh and clean inner car air.Nice made forest-like air environment.Give new strength or energy to passengers and driver.
  • Portable 2 USB Ports- Double USB charging interface can provide 2.1A, which is beneficial to daily life.Easy charging for cell phone, tablet, GPS,or other electronic devices.It is also act as power supplier.
  • Rotatable and Convenient - The cigar-lighter of air purifier can rotate 360 degrees, and the axial or angle can be adjusted at 90 degrees to adapt to the different models.It can transport ions to a wider space.
  • Fashion Night Light - The light shows red when it power on, the light shows blue when the purifying function open.
PHILIPS GoPure Compact 200 Car...
  • Automotive Clean Air System with healthy air indicator, for fresh and clean air in your car
  • High air purification power thanks to a three-stage filtering process that eliminates up to 99% of harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, odors, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle
  • The HESA unique technology offers 3x better tobacco smoke residue (nicotine) removal than ionizers*. Noise level - 40 (Low) - 50 (High)dB. Filter Lifetime - 350 hr
  • An integrated air-particles sensor indicates current air-quality: excellent (blue), fair (yellow), and poor (red).
  • Easy operation with automatic switch on/off, filter replacement indicator, 2 speeds


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